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The 15 Cheapest AWP Skins in CS:GO

Cheapest CS:GO AWP Skins in 2023

Topic: The 15 Cheapest AWP Skins in CS:GO

In today's article, we took a look at the 15 cheapest AWP skins in Field-Tested. If you're on a budget but still want a cool skin for your big green this might be the perfect place for you! Enjoy checking through the cheapest AWP skins in 2023!

The screenshots below are taken in the Factory New condition, which depending on the skin, is slightly more expensive than the prices noted in the headline! The price range mentioned is always for the normal version of the skin, not StatTrak or Souvenir!


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1.) AWP | Safari Mesh FT: USD 0.08

First up, we got the old school classic skin that was also leading our list of the 15 Cheapest AK-47 skins - the Safari Mesh! It got released on the 27th of November as part of the Lake Collection. Prices for the AWP Safari Mesh range between $ 0.08 and $ 2.07. Furthermore, it's also available in Souvenir!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Skins Safari Mesh

2.) AWP | Capillary FT: USD 0.26

The second cheapest AWP currently available in Field-Tested is the Capillary. Introduced in 2020, together with the Prisma 2 case, the skin also exists on two other weapons: The Five-SeveN and the MP9. The AWP Capillary ranges between $ 0.23 and $ 2.00!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Skins Capillary

3.) AWP | Pit Viper FT: USD 0.42

Third, on our list is the AWP Pit Viper coming in at $ 0.42 for the Field-Tested version. Next to the Safari Mesh the second absolutely legendary CS:GO skin of this list. It got introduced to the game together with the Italy collection back in late 2013 and its price ranges from $ 0.43 to $ 0.72!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Skins Pit Viper

4.) AWP | Acheron FT: USD 0.82

The next skin on our list of the cheapest AWP skins is full of skulls. Known for its quite extraordinary style the AWP Acheron is beloved by some in the community and got released in 2018! It is also available in Souvenir and costs between $0.76 and $ 2.66!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Skins Acheron

5.) AWP | Phobos FT: USD 1.08

On spot five of our list, we got the AWP Phobos in Field-Tested that got released in the Gamma Case back in 2016! Its detailed green/yellow design makes it hard to combine with sticker crafts but with a price range of $ 1.03 and $ 3.11 it's an affordable, unique option!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Skins Phobos

6.) AWP | Worm God FT: USD 1.22

Up next on the list of the cheapest AWP skins in 2023 is the Worm God. While the AWP has already been released in 2015 together with the Chroma 2 case it has never gotten a lot of love from the community as the design might seem a bit weird to most! The prices of the Worm God ranges between $ 1.22 and $ 2.22 and is available in StatTrak.

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Worm God

7.) AWP | PAW FT: USD 1.50

The name of the following AWP describes its style perfectly. The PAW is full of funnily looking dogs and other animals and a cute addition to today's article. It was introduced to CS:GO in 2018 together with the Horizon case and costs between $ 1.5 and $ 4.41!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP PAW

8.) AWP | Mortis FT: USD 1.62

On spot eight we got the AWP Mortis that was also released in 2018 but together with the Clutch case! This classified sniper has a great, unique style and is surely beloved by many in the community. These are available for purchase starting at $ 1.60 up to $ 5.15 for the Factory New version.

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Mortis

We are talking about price ranges for all the different AWPs in every paragraph. If you're interested in the CS:GO skin market as a whole we can highly recommend you checking out our very own CS:GO Indexes! Those make it possible for you to observe the CS:GO skin economy!

The EsportFire Skin Indexes!
Check them out here: CS:GO Indexes EsportFire Logo

9.) AWP | Exoskeleton FT: USD 1.51

This next AWP showcases a very unique style that we have rarely seen before in CS:GO. Unlike most skins the creator didn't use colors to create a unique skin, but a metallic style! The Exoskeleton got released together with the Operation Broken Fang case in 2020 and costs between $ 1.32 and $ 5.96!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Exoskeleton

10.) AWP | POP AWP FT: USD 1.62

If you couldn't decide on your next AWP skin while looking through the first nine mentions, you might find it right now! The AWP POP AWP has a quite funny name, but a super cool style and all of that for just $ 1.62 in the Field-Tested edition! The skin got released in 2021 with the new Train collection and its price ranges between $ 1.62 and $ 3.99!


11.) AWP | Atheris FT: USD 2.66

A small step in prices as we're leaving the Top-10 cheapest AWP skins! The following AWP Atheris is a community favourite and comes with a super cool snake artwork. Released with the Prisma case in 2019 this AWP costs between $ 1.86 and $ 11.03!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Atheris

12.) AWP | Fever Dream FT: USD 6.31

The first bigger jump in prices when comparing the Field-Tested versions! The AWP Fever Dream is nothing like any other skin on this list. The design is simple, but amazing! The Fever Dream has been in the game since 2017 and got released in the Spectrum case. Its prices range between $ 6.20 and $ 10.10!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Fever Dream

13.) AWP | Elite Build FT: USD 10.42

Next on our list is one of the skins that is featured three times on different guns. The Elite Build series is known for its clean, black surface and perfect for sticker crafts of any kind. The prices for the different conditions range between $ 7.34 and $ 21.84! If you're into cool sticker crafts, make sure to check out this article: Most unique crafts in 2023!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Elite Build

14.) AWP | Sun in Leo FT: USD 11.42

Some of you might wonder why the AWP Sun in Leo comes so late on this list of the cheapest AWP skins although it might not look that special at all! The answer is simple: It's part of the legendary Gods and Monsters collection that got released back in 2015! The Sun in Leo ranges between $ 11.42 and $ 19.1 in terms of prices.

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Elite Build

15.) AWP | Corticera FT: USD 13.17

We are ending today's article with another old-school classic! The AWP Corticera has been around since 2014 and has been released together with the eSport 2014 Summer case! In terms of prices we are talking about a range of $ 13.17 and $ 28.34!

CS:GO Cheapest AWP Corticera


We hope you enjoyed today's article about the 15 cheapest AWP skins in CS:GO. Our Website is fully focused on skin related topics - with that feel free to check the other newly release articles here: EsportFire.com/skins!

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