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NBK- - biography, career and interesting facts

French veteran


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Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt is a French CS:GO player who was already active in Counter-Strike: Source times and started his career in 2009. He is a well known professional worldwide and has played in numerous, mostly French, top teams. He started his CS:GO career in 2012 with Team VeryGames.

Furthermore, Nathan was one of the founding members of the CSPPA (Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association) and is still on the committee today. After he had to leave Vitality in 2019, the current 26-year-old formed the team of OG together with Aleksib.

Like most of his colleagues, NBK- is using Twitter the most among all his social medias. But the Frenchman also frequently uses Facebook and Instagram and likes to be a bit more private on these two platforms. On his Twitch channel, with around 240,000 followers, he streams irregularly, but every now and then.

NBK- - Career

Nathan started his career in 2009 with Team "Dreamrar" and transferred to VeryGames via Team ROCCAT. Together with the French organization, he also entered CS:GO. The lineup already included big names at that time and consisted of RpK, Ex6TenZ, kennyS and SmithZz in addition to NBK-. Together with the organization, he also participated in his first major tournament, the DreamHack Winter 2013.

In early 2014, the remaining parts of the lineup moved to Titan eSports, where Nathan would spend the next year of his career, participating in two more Major events. On 09/03/2014, NBK- along with shox, kioShiMa, Happy and SmithZz formed Team Mercenary. The lineup was acquired by LDLC.com a little later and won the DreamHack Winter 2014 Major on 11/29 in the final match with NiP . That was to be the first of two major successes in his career. About three months after the big triumph, the lineup was bought out by Team EnVyUs, where NBK had the longest stay of the career.

He played under the French team for a full two years before G2 Esports signed apEX, kennyS and Nathan in 2017 to form a French super team along with shox and bodyy. His time with the Spanish organization was a very successful one, but ended after just 1 ½ years and a poor start to 2018, when he was benched along with apEX and spent around four months looking for a new team before Vitality decided to sign the duo.

Vitality, which was founded in 2013, decided to enter CS:GO at that time and signed a French lineup. However, as was the case with G2 , NBK was once again replaced after just under a year by shox, who plays similar roles to Nathan. After about three inactive months at Vitality , he decided to form a new lineup together with Aleksib and OG, an organization originally known from Dota2. Until February 2021, the duo played together with valde, ISSAA and mantuu and since then tried to catch up with the world's best. However, this did not fully succeed. At the end of February 2021 was NBK- at OG gebenched.

NBK- - Achievements

Nathan participated in his first S-Tier event back in 2011 and together with VeryGames. At that time the team played the ESWC Series and reached the first place. In total, NBK played in 14 CS:GO Major tournaments and managed to win two of them. Victories at DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 and DreamHack 2014 are certainly two of his very big career highlights.

His biggest success in terms of prize money was a victory at the World Electronic Sports Games 2016, where he won 800,000 USD in prize money together with his team EnVyUs. Other major victories NBK- celebrated at the ESL Pro League Season 5 and the Esport Championship Series Season 7. The Frenchman narrowly missed his first notable tournament success with OG in the final of Flashpoint Season 2. In the end, however, the team was defeated by Virtus.Pro . Nathan's total tournament earnings are estimated at around USD 830,000.

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