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World Ranking Update 15.02.2021

Some surprises

The BLAST Premier Spring Group Stage is over and six teams managed to qualify for the finals. However, the tournament had some big surprises in store, which also had an impact on this week's World Ranking.

NiP , BIG , Complexity , Evil Geniuses , NAVI and FaZe qualified for the finals. With Complexity and NAVI two teams managed to win their group without defeat. With great performances in Group B against top teams like Vitality , G2 and Evil Geniuses , the team around blameF made the biggest step in the EsportFire World ranking and placed themselves in second place for the upcoming week.

World Ranking (Top-6) 15.02.2021 - EsportFire.com

#2 Complexity
#3 BIG
#4 Astralis
#5 NiP
#6 Evil Geniuses


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Ranking 15.02.2021

With victories in the last two big tournaments, NAVI finally made its mark in the race for first place. The team around star player s1mple won eight of the last nine official games and is currently in great shape. The two returnees to the top of the world this week were Complexity and BIG Clan, who finished second and third respectively. While the German top team won Group A after victories against Astralis and NiP , Complexity finished undefeated in games against Vitality , G2 and Evil Geniuses to claim first place in Group B. The very big surprise of the tournament.

Astralis could not convince at the BLAST Groups and has to try to qualify for the BLAST Spring Finals via the Showdown. Due to the good performances at the last tournaments the team is nevertheless on the fourth place of the EsportFire World Ranking and has the next chance to challenge for the first three places at the IEM Katowice 2021. The gap to Complexity and BIG is minimal. NiP and Evil Geniuses round out the ranking. While the Swedes showed a great performance and only lost the final match against BIG Clan, Evil Geniuses managed to beat Vitality and G2 in the lower-bracket and finally secured the qualification.

The big dropout

Not represented in today's ranking is Vitality , who did not make a good impression at the BLAST Global Finals in January, as well as at the BLAST Group Stage. IGL apEX seems to be mentally battered and even had to quit the tournament. The French top team seems stressed and has difficulties to find back the consistency they lost recently. The next chance for the team will be at the IEM Katowice 2021 and next week.

Upcoming events

On Tuesday and Wednesday, a total of 16 teams will play for the remaining eight places at the IEM Katowice 2021. Among others, Virtus.Pro , Liquid , Mousesports and BIG are represented at the tournament and still have to play for a spot. Already qualified for the main event are Astralis , Evil Geniuses , G2 , Heroic , FaZe , Vitality , FURIA and Natus Vincere . The IEM Katowice will bring the community together over the next 10 days and is divided into two groups followed by single-elimination playoffs. The prize pool is close to 1 million USD.

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