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EsportFire Content Recap March 2022

Everything That Happened In March On EsportFire

Topic: CS:GO Content Recap EsportFire March

Welcome to the first-ever EsportFire Content Recap! This series is all about showcasing the pieces we published in March and providing you, as a reader, a nice overview of what happened and what you might have missed!

  jAlex   Andy

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Family Ties & Dedication

The month started off with an amazing piece by @jellin who met up with "NoVa" for an interview. The article is built around the statements of the upcoming AWP and tells the story of Noah!

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CS:GO Market Recap

Our lovely duo @oJo & @Thorben kept us updated on the skin market changes and new crafts that happened during February! A fixum in our monthly content schedule.

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The new 3D feature at GamerPay

Our partner GamerPay published a game-changing new 3D feature that makes it possible to inspect the skins you´re interested in buying in your browser! Quite an amazing new possibility that no other skin marketplace ever provided!

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Craft-Talks #8

Twice a month @Mr. Jesus is looking at new crafts that happened lately! Next to some new Katowice 2014 crafts, this piece features a unique four times Harp of War holo combination and the probably best looking Krakow 2017 foil craft!

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What We Learned From Fragadelphia?!

Our next piece by @jellin in the general category picked up the biggest NA-event of the year! A total price-pool of USD 60.000 and an upset win by Strife made a great event!

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Discussion: A New Series!

Next up is the start of a new series by @Puffin. He invited the community to join him for a discussion of what makes a Tier-1 team and where the borders to Tier-2 are!

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Crafts that don´t exist #3

Crafts that don´t exist and you might wonder why! The third piece of a series about crafts that never happened but look quite amazing. From high-tier to more casual crafts, @Mr. Jesus got them all for you!

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Inventory Review: Thicc Squidward

A little special inventory piece covering the collection of our beloved Thicc Squidward! This one came as a surprise for our master of inventories! The insane collection of him might also come as a surprise to some of you.

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In an early article, we informed our readers about the PGL Ticket sale! By the point you're reading this they are most likely sadly already sold out, but we hope everybody who was interested got some. See you all there!

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Americas RMR - What to expect?!

While the NA qualifiers and events often happen a bit under the radar, @jellin summarized everything worth knowing going into the final RMR event in Romania!

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Inventory Reviews are BACK!

After a two weeks break @Thicc Squidward came back with a new inventory review article! This time he took a closer look at the collection of Boltz, let me tell you: He has quite an amazing inventory!

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Talking about the latest crafts!

For the ninth time @Mr. Jesus took a closer look to the latest crafts - one of our oldest and most interesting series! Everybody loves to see what happened in the crafting division lately!

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ESEA Main Playoffs - Who's making Advanced?

What a great piece by @jellin who took a closer look at every ESEA Main team that participated in the playoffs and gave his personal opinion on who will make it and who won't!

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The Wonderkid - m0NESY

In another general article @jAlexCSGO took a closer look at m0NESY and especially his youth and development as a teenager! Check out the article below if you wanna know more about the story of one of the greatest prospects CS:GO has ever seen!

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Community Pickups - New Series

It was once again time to try out something new! A new and exciting way to interact with our skin community. We want to regularly take a look at the latest pickups and feature a few highlights in articles every two weeks!

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FURIA at ESL Pro League - A love story?

A great piece by @sho who will support us with one article per month! He took a closer look at FURIA's connection to ESL Pro League and their results of the last few years.

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Party Astronauts - Collecting Experience

Our lovely @jellin took a closer look at Party Astronauts and their performance at ESL Pro League that, lets say, hasn't been the best!

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We're concluding another great month at EsportFire! Our monthly content recap shall give you, as a reader, a good overview of what happened in the scene. Probably you're interested in checking out the one or other article you might have missed!

I also wanna give a special shoutout to @Andy who's helping us in a big way with all the amazing thumbnails!

See you again in April, thanks for your support - Alex.

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