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EsportFire Content Recap - April 2022

What happened Within CS:GO In April?

Topic: CS:GO EsportFire Content Recap April

Welcome to the second edition of the EsportFire Content Recap. In this piece, we will summarize everything that happened in April content-wise. The back though is to have a great summarization of all the articles and content we created and give you the chance to discover content you might have missed. Enjoy reading!

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First of April crafts

The month started with a piece by @MrJesus who summarized some of the best and funniest first of April crafts.

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Craft-Talks #10

Our tenth "Craft-Talks" article, is a series in which you can find everything related to the latest CS:GO sticker crafts. An absolute must-read for all the sticker lovers out there, written by by @MrJesus!

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EsportFire Market Recap March 2022

The third piece of April was our monthly CS:GO market recap. There you can find everything related to CS:GO skins, crafts and the item market. As always written by @Thorben.

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ESL Pro League S.15

We continued with the first piece in our general category. A piece by @jAlex regarding the grand final and also featuring a short recap of the event.

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Workshop skins that never got introduced

Going forward we looked at some amazing CS:GO Workshop skins that never got introduced to the game. The start to a new series by @MrJesus!

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RMR-Antwerp events

In the following days we published a general informational article regarding the Antwerp Major and two live articles featuring Group A and Group B of the European RMR that we updated daily! All three pieces were published by @jAlex!

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Community Pickups

Up next is one of our newest series! The second edition of "Community Pickups" - featuring some of the latest CS:GO crafts and pickups out of the Twitter community written by @MrJesus.

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The Story of Mesamiduch

Up next was an amazing interview piece by @Jellin who interviewed one of the up-and-coming IGLs in NA - mesamiduck! If you haven't done so already, absolutely worth a read!

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Craft-Talks #11

There's never too much content about new crafts... for a second time this month @MrJesus reported about the latest CS:GO sticker crafts.

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Transfer News!

Cloud9 decided to sign the "Gambit-linup" and we decided to give our readers a lengthy overview of Cloud9 and their development within CS:GO, as well as the steps Gambit and their players, did over the last years! A piece by @jAlex.

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RUSH: "The way we're playing is unacceptable"

A piece written by @jAlex regarding the current development of Evil Geniuses and an interview RUSH had with BLAST where he gave quite some interesting insights on their current status.

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CS:GO Market Recap April 2022

Last, but definitely not least is the EsportFire Market recap April 2022 written by @Thorben, a must-read for all the skin interested people in the community!

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EsportFire Transfer Market

We also officially released the EsportFire Transfer Market. Our goal is to support players who are without a team and looking for a new home within CS:GO. You can find all the information needed in our explanational video here: Youtube Video and the EsportFire Transfer Market via our Menu or the direct link!

He makes every article special

A special shoutout to our thumbnail-artist @Andy who makes each of our article shine with his beautiful artworks!

Additional content

Apart from the written content we also published an explanational video regarding the official launch of the EsportFire Transfer Market on our Youtube Channel!

Furthermore we had two fun streams together with our partner GamerPay, make sure to check out their Twitch channel Gamerpaygg and their page below!

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