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EsportFire Team & Article Review

We Are EsportFire! Our Team, Mission and Philosophy

Topic: We Are EsportFire!

"The purest form of insanity is to leave everything as it is and at the same time to hope that something will change." (Albert Einstein)

As already told in the annual review, we decided to completely revise our concept in late summer and built up a team since then.

In the past few days I asked all the authors and contributors of EsportFire the questions why they are part of the project & what has been special for them this year cs related. To begin with I want to give big props to Eric, a real-life friend of mine (Alex) who coded the whole page in endless hours of work and gave me the opportunity to start dreaming. Thanks!

A small quote from the annual review:

"Together with the ESL Pro League Season 14 we were back. Back with better content, a team and new goals that we hungrily pursued from now on. The change from three articles a day to four articles a week brought our readers a high quality addition to the already existing media. Quality and exciting topics have been our main focus ever since."


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In this article/blog post I would like to introduce our team at EsportFire in depth for the first time and especially thank the authors and other contributors for 2021! In this piece you can expect quotes from the whole team, as well as an overview of the content that each author published!

So Much More Than Graphic Design!

In addition to his well-known graphic skills (check them out here), he also proved his writing skills in the last six months. With an interesting first article about the topic of shorter round times, he made a great debut.

A little later, however, he began to enchant the community with his skin related articles. He started the category "Skin-Talks" with a series about the Dreams & Nightmare Contest and subsequently published articles with Craft-Suggestions. Besides his articles, he also actively helped with graphics work in articles like "Craft-Talks". Most of you probably already know who we are talking about, let's read briefly how he felt about the year and what was his motivation to work on EsportFire.


I'm Jake but more commonly known as Bastert. "Around four months ago I joined the EsportFire team. At the time I had a lot of extra time and decided to try some new things like writing, and I'm so glad I joined this amazing team. The most extraordinary thing that happened this year for CS:GO, I'd have to give it to this year's LAN tournaments. Great CS, great organization, record breaking viewership, overall a great year for the Esport scene" - Bastert

Quality Over Everything

At just 17 years of age, he convinces not only by his writing ability, but especially his dedication to offer the reader the best possible content. He regularly publishes absolute bangers of articles and is always willing to invest the extra hours for the perfect quality.

He already made a statement with his first article about the North American scene, followed by a study about the mouse sensitivities of 100 pro players. After a stunning piece about dev1ce two articles about the coaches pita and peacemaker followed. The latter publicly expressed his gratitude for the quality and depth of the article on Twitter, which was definitely one of the highlight moments of the year! He also took the time to start of a completely new category on EsportFire. Despite very few interactions he reported on the LoL World Championship! Thank you sho for your will to always give the absolute best!


"For the past three years that I've been apart of the esports community, EsportFire has been by far the most welcoming space I came across. Especially to an entry level writer of my age, the team was extremely genuine and helpful and to say that I've contributed to this wonderful project is something I'll always be proud of.

EsportFire is my first media outlet I contribute to and I couldn't be happier about it; from the things I learned here to the experience and recognition I gained, it's been an amazing time and it's only the beginning!" - Sho

Our Skin Guru And Passionate Collector

On Twitter known by an overexposed cat our next author convinced everyone with his skin themed articles. He is an indispensable part of the community and has a special love for skins, which you can clearly see not only in his inventory, but also in the articles!

His first release was immediately met with great enthusiasm in the community. The article was about Souvenir Skins in connection with the upcoming Major, after which he also published a follow-up piece as well as an article about the Viewer Pass. Towards the end of the year, he reported on the bug at TradeIt and the liquidation of one of the largest skin-collections. It's hard to imagine the skin category without him. He´s always open for a new topic and above all a great person to talk to! Thanks Mr. Jesus for the awesome first months and your enthusiasm.


"Really enjoyed this year in everything related to CS, one of the most challenging and funniest things I got to do was joining the EsportFire project. I was really excited when Alex invited me to join. At the start it was pretty hard to express myself but I got use to it over time, getting to be more focused on the subjects. I really like the project and especially my part in it of course - I like to give the community a deeper insight to everything skin related. It's a great part of the game we all love and I´m dedicated in know more and more about it." - Mr.Jesus

The Insider

Our routinier among the authors! He is the fundamental factor for the "Transfer Category" and convinces with his connections, hot transfer news and above all with his great journalistic work.

He demonstrated those right away with his first article, which caused a lot of commotion. He told the story of Astralis in a journalistic masterpiece with a lot of research work. In the last two months he convinced with reports about transfer news and was the first to report about the signing of BERRY at Sprout, the talks Complexity had with Copenhagen Flames and the rebuilding of the Sprout roster to an international lineup! Puffin is an indispensable part of the team and shows his qualities all along the line. Can't wait to read more from him next year!


"I am a part of EsportFire because of my belief in the project we are building. My favourite CS related moment this year was definitely the story arc of B1T. He has been a true revelation." - Puffin

Fun, Passionate And Interesting

An absolute fixture in our weekly upload schedule! Our following author convinces on Twitter with great, exciting content and knows how to inspire the community. Since a few months he also enchants our readers on EsportFire with weekly inventory reviews!

While he is already in the third season of community reviews on his private account, he published his first review on EsportFire at the end of October! Since then he reviewed the inventories of s1mple, dev1ce, Nexa, Twistzz, KennyS and Stewie2K, among others, and observes the skin taste of the world's best players with a very critical eye! Of course we are talking about none other than Thicc Squidward, who personally brightens my day not only with his modern, well-written articles and his passion for his work, but especially with his lovely and friendly manner! He also had a few words to say:


"I've been writing inventory reviews since about this February and Alex asked me himself if I wanna write inventory reviews for pro players on Esportfire. I felt absolutely honoured and had to hop onto this train, ever since then I couldn't imagine not having my weekly pro skin content on Twitch!

It's been an absolute hoot working for Esportfire so far, Alex is very helpful and understanding while I got to cherrypick my inventories. ^^ I hope we'll get more content in the future and I will try to relate my reviews to previous articles, I can already see Esportfire popping off even more than it already does in 2022!" - Thicc Squidward

Man Behind The Scenes

To many of you the upcoming team member will be rather an unknown. He is mainly present in the German community and helps behind the scenes at EsportFire. With his motivating, positive and also helpful nature, he sparked a whole new fire in me.

He is responsible for the Utility Short videos that were introduced just yesterday and is actively involved in project planning. In addition to his current tasks, he will support me in the future with interviews and other content. Unfortunately I can't say too much about those at the moment, but oh boy.... believe me, you will get to know Cloud and hear a lot from him in the next year!


"Why am I part of Esport Fire? That's a good question, but not too hard to answer for me. As you may or may not know, I am doing the administration for most of our projects and I am planing many new things. I really enjoy managing and planing stuff, but not only this. I think it's also very cool to have the chance to talk to a pro yourself and ask them questions never answered before. In general, I really like projects doesn't matter what kind, I think it's a great feeling to work with people." - Cloud

NA Enthusiast

Our next author has a special passion for the North American scene and is an active part of it himself! On his profile you can find an incredible 1v5 Glock Clutch, which was shared by ESEA!

However, he convinces not only with his knowledge and skill, but especially his enthusiasm for CS:GO and the North American Scene. He also proved this in his first article about Collegiate Esports. His debut piece was not only an enormously exciting topic, but also coupled with an interview! I think many of us, myself included, are not familiar with the North American scene, I can't wait to hear more from you, Jellin!


"2021 was a weird year. I went through countless different experiences, it was a year of discovery. From changing my career plans 5 different times, working 3 different jobs, and coming a long way as a CS player, I’ve started to carve my own path. After a year of indecisiveness, I eventually set my sights on working in Esports, which has been my dream for a while.

After deciding on journalism, and messaging countless companies to no avail I was ready to give up. Thanks to the guys at EsportFire though, I was able to start publishing my own CS related articles, and it helped me reignite my passion for writing. It was an up and down year; however it has ended on a good note, and hopefully 2022 will continue to be on an upward trend." – Jellin

The Gamerchanger

After almost a year of mediocre thumbnails, a true gamechanger joined the team! With his independent and great work, he brought every one of our articles to a new level since being on board!

I especially appreciate the independence and quality of his work, one of the best graphic designers I've ever had the pleasure to work with! Thank you andyJ and here's to a great 2022!


"Hey! I´m andyJ, graphic designer and amateur Twitter addict. I joined up with EsportFire because the group looked like promising writers and editors who were driving into a section of CS:GO which was untouched, and I wanted to be a part of the project. It was also an opportunity for myself to develop a new style where I was in charge of how it looked, and mess around with what seemed good, bad, or perfect even." -andersj


The next part of the EsportFire team will again be an unknown to most of you! His role is hard to define, yet his contribution is enormous! Since my beginnings he helped me with hard decisions, motivated and above all is always open for conversations!

I always deeply admired his incredible working effort on his own numerous projects and was always someone I looked up to! Thank you Mr. Un1qu3!


"Mr. Too-Old-For-This, a Boomer, but age is just a number. More important is, how do you feel and what do you want to achieve. I am the “mental support” of EsportFire and Alex, being with him since the early days, as I noticed him hardworking alone on his baby: EsportFire. I am also a proofreader. Most iconic moments of 2021 are of course the PGL Major Stockholm and the long awaited “s1mple 1 major devilwalk 1 major” as well the NAVI run through entire year and the amazing development of EsportFire. I admire dedication and hard work. Always remember to forge your path." – Un1qu3

The newest additions

Just recently, two new authors joined us! With the goal to contribute to the community, they made it their task to summarize the skin world on a monthly basis. With their cheerful and nice manner, both were already an enrichment in the group chat of the team after a few days and their first article, which was published a few days ago, already got a lot of positive feedback! I am looking forward to twelve more next year! Thank you oJo and Thorben!


For long I've wanted some sort of way of helping the community, by making a guide, discord, community server, whatever I could bring to the community.

After thinking for a while, I decided to make a monthly market recap, and what better place could I make it on then EsportFire. This is a really great oppurtunity for me and im very grateful to have it! My moment of the year was the cadiaN clutch. Im pretty new to CS and the hype in the community was very overwhelming. – oJo


"The reason why I´m at EsportFire is because I wanted to do more for the CS community. So when oJo asked me if I want to join him on writing articles, I was exited to say yes!

My goals for CS:GO are currently to rank up above DMG, get more into trading, buying and selling items! ^^" - Thorben


Reading through all the messages from our team really made me emotional. From working alone to having such an amazing team that´s full of energy and support really is a dream come true to me! Thanks everybody & also thanks to the community for supporting us daily! More to come - We are EsportFire.

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