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TYLOO Team Review - Data and Facts

Chinese top-team

TYLOO - History

Topic: CS:GO TYLOO team/lineup/history/archievements

Probably the largest and most well-known Asian organization was founded back in 2007 and entered CS:GO in 2013. Alongside the main team, TYLOO is also home to a female CS:GO team.

TYLOO - Archievments & price money

Probably the team's biggest accomplishment is a win at China Cup 1, where TYLOO won 2-0 in the final match with fnatic. The last notable tournament participation was a while ago due to the online phase in 2020. In November 2019, the team participated in the Asia Championships and finished in third place. TYLOO's total prize money stands at around USD 1.6 million.

TYLOO - Previous lineups & players

Previous players are numerous. The best known of these is probably BnTeT, who decided to move to Europe after about two years with TYLOO. However, his move to Gen.G was not really marked by success.

TYLOO - World-Ranking & current players

The current lineup still represents the best team in their region and next to the the long-term member Summer, Attacker joined in 2019 and SLOWLY as well as DANK1NG were added to the lineup in mid 2020. At the beginning of 2022 somebody announced that he would retire as a professional CS:GO player and BnTeT was added to the team. Also Coach KingZ had to leave the lineup, he was replaced by Karsa

Current lineup of TYLOO:

TYLOO Riflers: BnTeT, Attacker, SLOWLY
TYLOO Coach: Karsa

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cn-Flagge DANK1NG cn-Flagge Summer cn-Flagge Attacker cn-Flagge SLOWLY id-Flagge BnTeT


cn-Flagge Karsa

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